our work

Since our work has been started, the members of „Elterninitiative - Wir in Bonn e.V.“ are trying to support the social integration of children and youth  with the migration background and the families of the immigrants from the former Soviet Union living in Bonn.

We use our cultural capital as well as our professional knowledge to make easier the learning“ to the pupils of the Bonn schools „. We want to have, that attain all children with whom we deal, fun at school and her graduations without bigger difficulties. We live in a multicultural sphere and know answer about how is to be handled with it. We use the cultural and social variety for the advantage of all children. For the pupils coming from the former Soviet Union we offer a usual learning atmosphere; for the pupils of other nationality a new perspective.

At the moment our free of charge offers enclose:

• Tutoring in groups;
• individual support according to demand;
• support in dealing with school difficulties and learning difficulties;
• support of the language development;
• Parental consultation in education questions;
• Parental consultation in questions of the German education system;
• Parental company to authorities;
• Support of parents from the former Soviet Union with lacking German knowledge